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Beginning the Oasis Hunt

Hello world! Today I’ve just started my new blog named “Urban Oasis”. What is this all about?

Well, if you are living in an urban city, you might be missing something that is hard to find in a big bustling city. Yep, green areas and parks full of the beauty of the nature. That may not be the case if you are living in a developed country with good urban planning and development. But that’s not the case down in Jakarta, at least not yet for now. So, here in this blog, as I begin to achieve my dream to travel around places, I will post some pictures of green places where you can relax and enjoy breeze of natural air and hear birds singing within the city full of buildings and vehicles and people.

The name of this blog consists of two words: Urban Oasis. Urban is a common term to refer a metro city. As for oasis, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines oasis as “a pleasant place that is surrounded by something unpleasant”, or “a time or experience that is pleasant and restful”.

I don’t have any photos to post yet at the moment. So, as a welcome picture, here is a cute baby lobster walking across greenies in my fishtank 🙂

Baby Lobster in a Tank
Baby Lobster in a Tank

Time to hunt some urban oases!

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